AI was awarded the project as interior contractors of Park Plaza (Sarovar Group).

During the course of work, the team was able to mobilize the necessary equipment, materials and manpower as per requirements.

They were able to emphasize on quality delivery and workmanship that often exceeded our expectations. All environmental safety norms were adhered to on site as well as in systems and paper work prescribed by us.

The management and staff have been very forthcoming, and in every occasion needing repair or replacement, the team was been extremely proactive.

We are pleased with the outcome and will definitely recommend them at our other sites and clients, as well.

Mumbai International Pvt. Ltd. (MIAL) awarded a Contract to M/S Ashish Interbuild Pvt.Ltd. for the Project Portfolio of Backs of House Finishes & Associated Project Portfolio for the New International Terminal Building at CSIA. We are satisfied with the commitment and quality of work executed in accordance with the contract and as per our requirements.

We are happy with the quality and timely delivery of the project and wish them good luck for all their future projects.

M/s. Ashish Interbuild Pvt. Ltd successfully completed the aforesaid work, at the Sahara Star with floor area of 3,00,000 Sqft., by maintaining specifications and required quality. Their performance in execution of the project was excellent and we wish them success in the future.